Show that Hemi!

February 9, 2010 at 8:54 pm (Uncategorized)

In one of my past diatribes, I criticized guys on online sites for posing with their cars. I apologize. If you have a car, you should brag about it. Seriously.

I used to think it funny that Plenty of Fish asked members to say yes or no as to whether they had a car. “Ha, ha, ha,” I thought to myself. “What a silly question!” In truth, this question does not delve deep enough. Lots of people in the area have cars…it’s just that they are up on blocks. Technically, they could answer “yes” to this question. So I propose that they add a follow-up question, “And does it run?”

But even that may not be enough to portray a real picture of the situation. A few weeks back, one of the thank-god-I-didn’t-end-up-meeting-him matches offered to meet…as long as it was within half a mile of their house. Anything further, and their car would overheat. And, no, they have no money to fix said vehicle so that I might actually feel like I was on a grown-up date and not meeting Jimmy at the mall while my mom went shopping.

So, we would need a second follow-up question, “And can you actually drive it more than 20 miles at one time without it stopping or exploding unexpectedly.” But I’m not sure Plenty of Fish wants to go in a re-write the code to make these an option. Which is why I am now quite happy to see a guy posing with a vehicle. Because I can at least reasonably hope it is not his dad’s car, and that he might actually be grown up enough and responsible enough to maintain a vehicle.

So if you are a fellow trying to come up with a good pic for your online dating profile, go ahead and pose next to your Hemi. Just don’t straddle the hood, like you’re in a Whitesnake-gone-wrong video–that’s just weird.


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