Never Fear…

March 4, 2010 at 12:20 am (Uncategorized)

Since I have removed myself temporarily for the dating search, one of my friends opined that she would have nothing good to read about on my blog. This made me feel conflicted. Yea! Someone other than my mom reads my blog! vs. What? I’m only entertaining when I’m embittered from uncovering some of humanity that should have remained hidden?**

It’s true. I’m more entertaining when I’m embittered. But I hate being embittered. I really do. It makes me feel, well, ugly. So in the interest of remaining pretty, I’m going to avoid any bitterness-inducing behavior for a while. It’s better for my complexion.

But, never fear, my life is a comedy. Always has been. I have more than enough material, and am meeting new people everyday, who, I am positive, will provide even more fodder for my musings. Plus, I have always been a glutton for punishment, so I’m pretty sure within a few weeks, I will, in a moment of insanity, decide to jump on that horse again.

Have I mentioned that I don’t really like riding horses?

**DISCLAIMER: I felt a twinge of guilt while writing this line, as I actually did meet some honestly nice guys while searching. So, ladies, they aren’t all bad. You just have to wait to find the one who wants you, too.


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