eHarmony Sucks…just sayin’

December 26, 2010 at 3:11 am (Dating is Fun) (, , , , , )

I think the people who run eHarmony are delusional. You know that old guy in their commercials, who claims to be a “doctor”? Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s a robot.

So I’ve been a customer of eHarmony. Only a little ashamed to admit it, mainly because it means I got played by a robot. I figured, if people are paying for a dating service, they might be a step up from the “hey baby, wanna get busy” crowd that lurks at bars and on free dating sites. Instead, I get a ROBOT sending me my perfect matches–of whom I have found maybe two out of 200 remotely interesting. So apparently, I don’t know what I want, because the robot assures me I should give people who don’t ever read books and work out 18 hours a day a chance, because that *is* what I really want. Thanks Mr. Robot. You suck.

Then Mr. eHarmony Robot has the nerve to invade my Facebook page.

What the evil eHarmony Robot wants you to believe...

If I ever find his little robot cave, I will do whatever it is people need to do to stop evil robots. I just need to do more research on that front. Promise.



  1. jean-philippe said,

    Asking a robot to find your clone from the other sex is pretty idiotic… Love is about differences, challenges, discoveries…

  2. rachelbaron said,

    Yes, I did ask a robot to find my clone…way to blame the victim.

  3. hoodyhoo said,

    Thank God I’m not alone in my hatred for eHarmony! I did their whole questionnaire thing (to shut my mother up) and after losing HOURS of my life, all the damn thing ever sent me was college boys (I was almost 30). Way to go, Robot Doctor — you diagnosed me as a creepy cougar.

  4. Mrs. Tuna said,


  5. Samma Parcels said,

    I’m with you. I took their test a few years ago and it said that only 3% of the population would even LIKE me. WOW…that sure makes a girl feel good. As a friend pointed out, I’ve already been married – divorced – or had a relationship with 3% of the population, so pressure is off…I’m done ;-DDD Samma

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